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About Us

About Us

Empowering Communities through Humanitarian Development

To enhance and sustain the positive Legacy of Non-Profit, Public Benefit and Charitable Institutions in serving humanity.

The Humanitarian Development Alliance SA (HUDA SA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the positive legacy of public benefit and charitable institutions in serving humanity. Our mission is to advocate for and manage the process of strengthening and promoting educational, environmental, health care, humanitarian, sustainable development, and welfare projects through collaboration with charitable organizations, government institutions, and donors via a cloud-based application. Join us in empowering communities and making a lasting impact.

We strive for diversity in serving humanity

We Strive For Diversity in Serving Humanity

The Humanitarian Development Alliance SA (HUDA SA) was a project of the Charity and Welfare Foundation Trust that was established on 25th April 2016. The Trust is a registered Non-Profit (048 441 NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO 930 018 638) with Section 18A status. Donations are tax deductible.

On 26 June 2018, the Humanitarian Development Alliance SA (HUDA SA) was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (210 856 NPO). Furthermore, HUDA SA has applied for the Public Benefit Organization with Section 18A status.

HUDA SA continues to work in partnership with Charity and Welfare Foundation.

Meet our amazing team

Our team is extremely qualified to helping the needs of our community

The goal of providing support and assistance to those who need it most, with the ultimate aim of pleasing Allah (SWT) and creating a better future for everyone.

The Executive Board

Guided by a vision for a better community, HUDA SA's board works tirelessly to ensure effective leadership and responsible stewardship.

At HUDA SA, our board of directors plays a critical role in providing strategic direction, setting policies, and ensuring that we remain true to our core values. Comprised of dedicated and experienced individuals, our board members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, working tirelessly to ensure that our organization remains a force for positive change in the community. Whether it’s fundraising to support our programs, engaging with stakeholders, or providing crucial oversight and accountability, our board is committed to the long-term success of HUDA SA and the betterment of the communities we serve.

Ismat Mahomed



Saleem Banda



Fathima Rajub

Board Member


Zubher Osman

Board Member


Sh. Zubair Paruk

Shariah Advisor


The HUDA SA Council

Unifying Islamic Work for a Stronger Community

The MIDP Council is committed to advocating for the establishment, management, and promotion of the MIDP Council to strengthen Islamic work and collaboration among community workers. Through this initiative, we aim to bring together Muslim institutions, community workers, and leaders with similar visions, missions, and goals to join the MIDP Shura Council. Our goal is to create a collaborative and supportive network that can work towards a stronger community. While each institution will remain independent and autonomous, the MIDP Council will provide a platform for sharing resources, expertise, and best practices. We believe that by unifying Islamic work, we can achieve greater impact and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.

Yusuf Mbalu


Sh. Jaasiya Witness Njelenje


Basheer Khuzwayo


Aisha Ngcongo


Sh. Isaac Mbhele


Our Team Members

Empowering Communities through Dedicated Service

HUDA Team Members are passionate individuals dedicated to serving their communities with excellence. They strive to make a positive impact by supporting HUDA’s programs and initiatives, working closely with partners and stakeholders, and promoting the values of integrity, compassion, and accountability. With a diverse range of skills and expertise, the HUDA Team Members bring their unique talents and perspectives to create meaningful change and improve the lives of those in need.

Ahmed Farouk Emmamally

Office Manager


Hawa Majola

Finance Administrator


Adam Makwinja

Project Co-Ordinator


Asiah Mbele



Faraz Mahomed



Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section for HUDA SA is designed to provide information and answer any questions that our community may have about our organization and the services we offer. Our goal is to make sure that everyone understands what we do and how we can help. Whether you’re a potential donor, volunteer, or recipient, the FAQ section provides essential information about our mission, goals, and processes. By offering this resource, we aim to make it easier for everyone to get involved and support our efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Does HUDA SA issue out Section 18A Certificates on Cash & In-Kind Donations?2023-02-18T17:56:10+02:00

Yes, a Section 18a certificate is issued on all donations if all requirements are met

How often are the finances audited?2023-02-18T17:55:35+02:00

HUDA SA finances are audited yearly

In which areas are the HUDA SA beneficiaries from?2023-02-18T17:55:08+02:00

HUDA SA has projects in the following areas: Umlazi, Umbumbulu, Illovo, Inanda, uMzinyathi, Thornwood, KwaNyuswa, Molweni.

What kind of transparency and accountability practices does HUDA SA have in place?2023-02-15T14:00:59+02:00

HUDA SA has a strong commitment to transparency and accountability, and has several practices in place to ensure that it is operating in a responsible and ethical manner. These practices include regular financial reporting and auditing, clear communication with stakeholders, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

How does HUDA SA allocate its funds?2023-02-15T13:58:43+02:00

HUDA SA allocates its funds in a responsible and strategic manner, following a set of rigorous procedures and guidelines to ensure that the funds are used effectively and efficiently to benefit the community.

What kind of impact has HUDA SA had on the community it serves?2023-02-15T13:59:14+02:00

HUDA SA has had a significant impact on the community it serves, providing essential services such as education, healthcare, and welfare assistance to those in need. Through its programs and initiatives, HUDA SA has helped to improve the quality of life for many individuals and families.

How does HUDA SA measure the success of its programs?2023-02-15T13:59:46+02:00

HUDA SA measures the success of its programs through a variety of metrics, including the number of individuals served, the level of satisfaction of its beneficiaries, and the overall impact on the community. These metrics are regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure that HUDA SA’s programs are achieving their intended outcomes.

How does HUDA SA ensure that its programs are sustainable?2023-02-15T14:00:34+02:00

HUDA SA ensures that its programs are sustainable by seeking to build long-term partnerships with donors, volunteers, and community stakeholders. By developing strong relationships and collaboration with others, HUDA SA is able to leverage resources and expertise to create programs that are effective and sustainable over the long term.

Real-life Strategy to Reach Our Community Goals.

Real-life strategy to reach our community goals.

HUDA SA’s strategy for achieving its community goals is based on a real-life approach that involves advocacy, collaboration, and effective project management to enhance and sustain the positive impact of Non-Profit, Public Benefit and Charitable Institutions.

  • Establish a clear and specific vision of what the community wants to achieve.
  • Create a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps necessary to reach the goals and objectives.
  • Collaborate with government, non-profit organisations, and other stakeholders to maximise resources and impact.
  • Continuously monitor progress, assess outcomes, and make necessary adjustments to ensure the community is on track.
  • Encourage community involvement and empower beneficiaries to become active participants in their own development. This can help build trust and increase sustainability.

Real-life results

We Generate Results for Our Beneficiaries

We generate results for our beneficiaries

“Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful to HUDA SA for their support during a difficult time in my life. Their assistance with healthcare and nutrition has made a huge difference in my well-being. Thank you, HUDA SA!”

Fatima R.

“I never thought I would receive such a comprehensive education until HUDA SA stepped in to support me. They have changed my life and I am so thankful. JazakAllah Khair.”

Aisha H.

“My family and I are so appreciative of the support HUDA SA has provided us with during the recent floods. They truly went above and beyond to help us and we are forever grateful. Shukran!”

Omar H.

“I was struggling with the effects of poverty and poor living conditions, but HUDA SA stepped in to support me through sustainable development programs. I now have a brighter future ahead of me. Mashallah!”

Samira J.

“HUDA SA’s support with education has opened up so many doors for me. I am so grateful for their assistance in helping me achieve my goals. JazakAllah Khair.”

Ahmed S.

“As a single mother, I was struggling to make ends meet and provide for my children. HUDA SA’s support with welfare services has changed our lives for the better. Shukran HUDA SA!”

Maryam V.

“I was struggling with malnutrition, but HUDA SA stepped in to support me with their nutrition programs. I now have a brighter future ahead of me. Shukran HUDA SA!”

Rania M.

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