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The Imaani Family Village Introduction

Location Phezulukhondo Umbumbulu

There are millions of orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) in South Africa, who are experiencing great difficulties and hardships due to poverty and life threatening diseases. HUDA SA has been partnering with a local NPO called Imaani Trust from October 2017 in supporting over 50 orphans and vulnerable children via an integrated Islamic Development program called Imaani Family Village in Umbumbulu.


To create a world where we love for all children what we love for our children.


To support and take care of orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) with excellence, love and kindness.

Current Structures & Programs on Site

Musjid –A Musjid has been built on the site with the males and females’ sections for Salaah, toilets, shower facility and classroom.

Wellness Centre – A Wellness Centre has been established.

Preschool and crèche – A preschool and crèche is currently being run from the classroom.

Future Plans for Imaani Family Village

Eco Friendly African Village Integrated to serve the Community

Create and promote an enabling environment in which orphans and vulnerable families are adequately protected, cared for, and supported holistically to grow and develop to full potential within their communities.

The Village be built with the concept of an African theme and eco-friendly. It will also provide services to the OVC from the surrounding community. The community will also benefit in certain projects. This will make the Village part of the community and build strong good relationships.

Future Plans for Imaani Family Village

Family Cottages building a united and constructive Ummah

A Cottage for a family – The concept of the family village is to promote the Institution of family as it is an important principle in Islam in developing a united and constructive Ummah. So, the OVC will be accommodated in ‘family homes’ with house mothers. 5 Family cottages will be built and each cottage will accommodate 8 OVC. Thus providing the Village OVC with a safe and loving family environment shelter. The 6th Family Cottage will accommodate the manager and his family.

Each cottage will be built with 3 bedrooms – 1 room with bed and built in cupboards for house mother and 2 rooms with each room accommodating 4 OVC with 2 double bunks and built in cupboards; 2 bathrooms with toilets; additional toilet only, and an open plan kitchen with dining room. Each home will be fitted with a solar water heating system.

Number of OVC: The family village will accommodate and take care of 40 OVC with excellence, love and kindness.

House mothers: House mothers will be trained and mentored to take care of OVC with kindness and excellence.

Rain Harvesting – All homes will have tanks linked to its gutter system this accumulating water.

Communal play area – the houses will be built in a cluster with a communal play area.

Eco Friendly – The cottages will be built with an African theme and environmentally friendly like solar geysers.

A Community Hall will be built next to Musjid and will entail:

  • A Hall with Kitchen that will generate inc ome for Village as it will be let out to community for functions;
  • The Hall and Kitchen facility will be used to provide breakfast and lunch nutritional meals for the Community OVC i.e. drop in Centre
  • A Cold room

Other future projects

A Resource, Youth Advice and Career Facilities

Agricultural Development – Food Gardens & Animal Husbandry

Primary School Homework support

High School Tuition Program

Social Worker services

Job creation and Local Economic Development

WAQF – Sadaqa Jaariya

Imaani Family Village

an integrated approach
 to an improved balanced lifestyle

the pilot program that has been established in Umbumbulu, where we support, care and love 20 orphans & vulnerable children (OVC) that live at the Village and 30 OVC from the area of Umbumbulu. OVC currently in a small hostel. In February 2020, the construction of safe cottages has commenced. Each cottage will accommodate 8 OVC with a Foster Mother. Please Support, Assist and Sponsor the Imaani Family Village.

Imaani Funday

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that when a man complained to the Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) of being hard-hearted he (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) said, “Show affection to the

love for orphans
& vulnerable children
 what you love for your OWN child


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.


All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and a Section 18A Certificate is available on request.

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