Allah does not intend poverty for people. As Muslims, we recognise the responsibility to redress the balance where there is poverty, and for a just distribution of the wealth which Allah has created and blessed some amongst us.

HUDA SA in partnership with Natal Builders Supplies has donated and distributed 550 doors and 500 Masonite to informal settlements in the Cator Manor, Lindelani and surrounding informal areas in the Ethekwini municipality.

“Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but [true] righteousness [in] one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and who gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveller, those who ask… Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous.’-Qur’an 2:177

May Allah accept our deeds and count us amongst those who are righteous, Insha’Allah Ameen.