Sponsor a Brick for Imaani Family Village

People who bring up orphans have great value in the sight of Allah (SWT) and will gain great reward on the day of judgement.
Many initiatives have been taken in ensuring that the orphan child is protected and given opportunities to excel in life, however these initiatives are never enough.

HUDA SA in partnership with IMAANI TRUST has created a safe place for the Orphans and the Vulnerable children (OVC) in Umbumbulu, KZN, with the help of the Muslim Community around the country.

These orphans have been well fed, clothed, taken to the best schools in the area and receiving the best Islamic knowledge. May Allah bless you all in abundance, InshaAllah Ameen.

Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) are currently living in a temporarily small hostel, which with the increasing number of orphans that are being taken in, is getting crowded.

The foundation of a new village has commenced. The building of 2 (two) cottages is being built which will each house 8 children and a foster mother, creating a family structure. The foundation is completed and they now starting to build the walls.

Especially blessed by Allah (SWT) are those who protect the orphans and take the responsibility of being guardians to them.

We are now asking for your assistance once more in ensuring that these cottages are built to completion. Kindly donate as little as R4 for a brick to help build IMAANI FAMILY VILLAGE.