You can make a difference by helping the Humanitarian Development Alliance SA (HUDA SA) with the following:

1. Provide lists of Muslim Institutions (Name of Institution, Contact Person, Contact Number) working within the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality (Durban) .

2. Provide information on Muslim Institutions that are assisting beneficiaries and / or coordinating projects within Ethekwini Municipality (Durban).

3. Encourage and Motivate Muslim Institutions working within the eThekwini Municipality (Durban) to please complete the Profile, Networking and Mapping. Please find attached the introduction to the survey and survey forms.

The phrase ‘Muslim Institutions’ refers to Muslim organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Women’s organisations, Youth groups or Clubs, Ulema bodies, Musjids, Darul Ulooms, Madrassahs, Schools, Colleges, Muslim Movements, Activists, Volunteers, Corporate, Individuals and Donors involved in establishing and coordinating Islamic, Humanitarian and Sustainable Development projects.

Please email information to Ismat Mahomed @ or whatsup on 073 532 1325

May Allah (SWT) be pleased with you and your family. Ameen

Thanking you in Advance.