HUDA SA has conducted research on Muslim Institutions working in and/ or assisting beneficiaries in Malukazi. The findings from this first phase of the research have assisted HUDA SA to achieve its aim in developing the proposed integrated Islamic development plan for Malukazi. The area integrated Islamic development plans will be incorporated into the eThekwini integrated Islamic development plan. Read more

The draft integrated development plan has been divided as per the objectives of the research as follows:

1. Challenges with Islamic Work – This section of the report ascertain the challenges with Islamic work (Madressa, Musjids, Islamic Education and Tarbiyyah) in Malukazi and the rest of South Africa. Read more

2. Challenges the community experience in Malukazi Read more

3. Islamic Development projects for Malukazi – This section reports on the Islamic projects that Muslim Institutions provide to the community of Malukazi. Read more

4. Humanitarian and Sustainable Development projects for Malukazi- This section reports on the humanitarian and sustainable development projects that Muslim Institutions provide to the community of Malukazi.Read more

5. Proposed Way Forward for Muslim Institutions for Malukazi – this section reports on the recommendations from the Muslim Institutions and community workers. Read more

We take this opportunity of thanking your Institution for assisting HUDA SA with the research for Malukazi. Furthermore HUDA SA in partnership with Muslim Vision 2020 invites your Institution to the following: