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Ismat Mahomed


Ismat Mahomed is the Chairman of HUDA SA. In his 40 years of experience in community work Ismat honed his skills and vision for a better tomorrow. From a young age of 10 years, he volunteered his services to various charitable organisations and projects. He also developed, established, and managed various community, relief, and development programs on his own and it provided him with strong leadership skills and knowledge from a young age. He is inspired by the teachings of the Quran and life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). And so, began a life-long quest to play his part in the upliftment of the poor and needy.

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Saleem Banda


Sheikh Saleem Banda studied Theology and Linguistics in Saudi Arabia and holds 2 qualifications in Human Resources and Project Management from two (2) prominent universities in South Africa. He has been actively involved in Dawah across the SADC region for the past 25 years. His milestones have been youth development, building of Masjids in black townships, care and support of orphans and vulnerable children, advancing girl child education and the promotion of dialogue and religious tolerance through his involvement with the Religions for Peace and the World Conference of Religions for Peace. Currently the Director of Futurpreneur, an organization that is involved in developing the new generation of entrepreneurs.

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Fathima Rajub

Board Member

A Maths and Science educator who has over 25 years of experience in Education. She has a double Honours degree, in Psychology and in Religion & Social Transformation. Over the years she has participated in and initiated several community programmes with the support of her family who participate in her many ventures. She also belongs to an organization that aims to empower and uplift young girls and women. ‘I embrace the concept of Ubuntu, the concept of I am because of you or simply humanity. I hold close to my heart Maulana Rumi’s words: with life as short as a half-taken breath don’t plant anything but love.’

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Zubher Osman

Board Member

Br Zubher started actively helping in community projects approximately 8 years ago. He initially served on the board of HUDA SA as an internal auditor. He later with his wife, started a project that was close to her heart. They noticed that a lot of organisations gave the poor and needy grocery hampers but not much by way of meat products which they felt were also essentials to a home. A year later their project picked up momentum and now distribute 25- 30 of these hampers monthly. He also volunteers in few other organisations, actively involved in all HUDA SA projects, and serves as a HUDA SA Board Member.

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Sh. Zubair Paruk

Shariah Advisor

Studied at Talimudeen and graduated as an Aleem in 2005 and has been involved since then in extensive Islamic work. He designed ‘My Madrassa Bag’ used extensively by school children. Maulana is a contributor to Wikipedia which has a world-wide audience. He strongly believes in the empowerment of Women and Children. He strongly urges that those who are well of financially to assist in the development of those who aren’t.

Management Team

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Yusuf Mbalu

Ameer of Illovo Islamic Centre

Originally from Chikwakwa, Malawi where he studied an Alim course whilst in high school, thereafter, moved to SA in 1990, to complete a 3-year degree in community development at Unisa, he completed 2 years & had to leave his studies to continue his journey in Islamic Studies. He has always been a business minded person and has used his gift to further develop the community he now lives in.

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Sh. Jaasiya Witness Njelenje

Imaam of Imaani Village

Born in Zambia and studied at Ta’aleemul- Islam in Kabwe, Zambia. He later on Studied at the Islamic University of Madinah. He moved to South Africa in 2005 moved & worked with WAMY for 3 years. Worked for Inchanga Islamic centre for 3 years. Currently Imam & Islamic community work at Imaani Village in Umbumbulu. I have worked in Umbumbulu for 6 years.

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Basheer Khuzwayo

Ameer of Umlazi Islamic Centre

Growing up from a family of 9 siblings his mother used to say “how can you eat when your fellow brother has not.” This instilled the spirit of sharing. This is a mantra that he has shaped his life. Actively involved in Deen work in the Umlazi area for the last 5 years and is currently reviving involved in reviving activities in the Umlazi Masjid. He believes that Children are the greatest investment as they are the future leaders, he ensures that the youth in his area have support in both their secular and Islamic studies.

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Aisha Ngcongo

Ameera of Umlazi Centre

Coming from an average home and seeing some families in the community struggles she felt a need of doing something to assist. She felt it was her responsibility to get out there and make a difference. She practises the hands-on approach. The project most dear to her is education, where she encourages our young and old to obtain education to pave the way to self-sustainability. Youth empowerment: empowering youth with different skills to take back to their communities

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Sh. Isaac Mbhele

Ameer of Thornwood Islamic Centre

Born in 1962 in a small town of Chingoye, Zimbabwe. Sh Isaac studied in Saudi Arabia and after his studies he embarked on his Islamic mission. He served as a a teacher and trainer in Blantyre, Malawi. He moved to South Africa in 1986 and started Dawah. He thereafter moved to Marianhill, where he has established numerous Madrassa’s and support centres, he currently runs a Madrassa in Thornwood which has over 96 students. He has facilitated the construction of 4 Mosque’s in Malawi in communities that had no proper structures.

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Br Omar Jameel Mkata

Ameer Ekukhanyeni Islamic Centre

Omar Jameel Mkata, formerly known as Senzo James Mkata, was born in Bizana, Eastern Cape, South Africa, in 1981. He grew up in Cape Town and then moved to Brussels, Belgium, with his parents at the age of 3. After completing primary school in Europe, he returned to South Africa at the age of 14 and finished high school at Tolweni S.S.S in Mount Frere in 1999.

In 2009, Omar embraced Islam with the guidance of Maulana Rafiq Mohammed and studied at a home Madressa under his tutelage. Inspired by a volunteer aid mission to Gaza, Palestine, in 2011, Omar founded Help Our World NPC which runs Ekukhanyeni Islamic Centre, in Iqadu Village, Umzinyathi, a humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting the needy across various countries in Africa. Throughout his journey, Omar has been actively involved in Dawah, humanitarian aid efforts, and community development projects, demonstrating a strong commitment to serving humanity.

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Br Moegsien Ismail

Ameer Umzinyathi Various Islamic Centres

Brother Moegsien Ismail began teaching Karate in 1997 in rural and indigenous areas as a means to introduce the community to something new and keep them occupied. During this time, he had the opportunity to visit the various small rooms used as Musallahs and Madressas in these rural areas and realized that they were not receiving any support. Taking it upon himself, he sought ways to make it easier for those teaching Islam, recognizing the need for proper infrastructure in these areas.

This realization motivated him to establish the Isizwe Islamic Dawah Centre, which has facilitated the building of 6 Musjids and 15 boreholes, servicing the needs of the indigenous people. Additionally, Brother Moegsien Ismail is currently involved in various organizations that share the same goals and visions he has.

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Moulana Saleem Gumede

Ameer of KwaNuswa Islamic Centre 


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Apa Lisa

Ameera Namibia Islimic Centre



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Amina Naby

Office Manager 


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Ahmed Farouk Emmamally

Fundraising Manager

Was born in Durban in Overport, he matriculated and has tertiary studies in business management. ‘I am a grandfather and love children. I love assisting humanity, and it was a dream come true when I joined HUDA SA.’

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Hawa Majola

Finance Administrator

28-year-old, Public Management graduate joined HUDA SA in 2020. I never imagined that I’d be serving the community, even though it’s been an activity which I grew up witnessing as my late father was a community worker. A project which includes Orphaned & Vulnerable Children is closest to my heart as most of the Children just need somebody to believe in and support them fully, being at HUDA SA has given me the platform to be that and make a difference.

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Adam Makwinja

Project Co-Ordinator

Adam Makwinja was born on the 14th Jan, 1975 from a family of 8. Matriculated at kabulonga school for boys in Lusaka Zambia. I graduated with a Bachelor of commerce in Business Management with Evelyn Hone College. He then came to RSA in search of greener pastures where he then joined a NGO & worked for a good period of years in serving the orphans and vulnerable children. I studied with UNISA and graduated with a degree in Social Work. ‘I’m so passionate working with orphans and vulnerable children. I joined HUDA SA at the beginning of this year 2022 who has the same passion that I have as a Projects Coordinator’.

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Asiah Mbele


A passionate young woman who currently works as an Administrator at the Humanitarian Alliance Development SA. Prior to joining the organisation, Asia has always loved reaching out to the needy and volunteering during her schooling years. Born in the capital city of South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, she has always been inspired by her parents who assisted those in need wherever possible.