Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section for HUDA SA is designed to provide information and answer any questions that our community may have about our organization and the services we offer. Our goal is to make sure that everyone understands what we do and how we can help. Whether you’re a potential donor, volunteer, or recipient, the FAQ section provides essential information about our mission, goals, and processes. By offering this resource, we aim to make it easier for everyone to get involved and support our efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Yes, a Section 18a certificate is issued on all donations if all requirements are met

HUDA SA finances are audited yearly

HUDA SA has projects in the following areas: Umlazi, Umbumbulu, Illovo, Inanda, uMzinyathi, Thornwood, KwaNyuswa, Molweni.

HUDA SA has a strong commitment to transparency and accountability, and has several practices in place to ensure that it is operating in a responsible and ethical manner. These practices include regular financial reporting and auditing, clear communication with stakeholders, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

HUDA SA allocates its funds in a responsible and strategic manner, following a set of rigorous procedures and guidelines to ensure that the funds are used effectively and efficiently to benefit the community.

HUDA SA has had a significant impact on the community it serves, providing essential services such as education, healthcare, and welfare assistance to those in need. Through its programs and initiatives, HUDA SA has helped to improve the quality of life for many individuals and families.

HUDA SA measures the success of its programs through a variety of metrics, including the number of individuals served, the level of satisfaction of its beneficiaries, and the overall impact on the community. These metrics are regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure that HUDA SA’s programs are achieving their intended outcomes.

HUDA SA ensures that its programs are sustainable by seeking to build long-term partnerships with donors, volunteers, and community stakeholders. By developing strong relationships and collaboration with others, HUDA SA is able to leverage resources and expertise to create programs that are effective and sustainable over the long term.